Looking for a cost effective way to advertise to local residents every month?
Try North East Directories.

Our directories are A5, colour booklets, delivered free of charge to a combined total of 20,500 homes in Blyth, Shiremoor, Cramlington, Seaton Valley and Newbiggin & North Seaton every month. The Directories give local residents a handy sized guide to a range of local businesses in and around the area.

Adverts start from as little as £24 +VAT per month, per directory, meaning you could reach up to 10,000 local residents in any area from only £5 per week!

We target a wide range of homes in the local areas, with our distribution being carefully selected to provide a good mix of estates. We have used our 13 years of local advertising knowledge to map out what we believe are the key estates in these areas.

Our directories are distributed to tens of thousands of local households, free of charge, by our own in-house distributors. We target desirable estates, home to affluent residents, many of whom have paid their mortgage off, are looking to improve not move, have good levels of disposable income, shop and socialise locally and are not regular social media users.

Our mission is to provide affordable, cost effective, high quality advertising for local businesses, allowing them to get their message across to tens of thousands of desirable local homes in the area.


We deliver to homes with good levels of disposable income and aren’t on social media.


Distributed by our own in-house team, so we know exactly where every copy goes.


The most cost effective print media platform in the local area.


Delivered every month to 1000's of homes for FREE.

6 reason’s why you should advertise in North East Directories:

SIZE OF DISTRIBUTION: North East Directories are one of the largest printed magazines in the local area. The magazines reach a total of 16,000 households every edition, meaning our magazines are read by over 35,000 local residents every two months. 

TARGETED DISTRIBUTION: We use our extensive local knowledge of Northumberland and North Tyneside, and our decade of magazine distributing experience, to target estates where residents have a proven track record of responding to local magazine advertising. We target homes in affluent areas, many of which are in established estates where residents are mortgage free, with high levels of disposable income, and many of whom are not on social media.

IN-HOUSE DISTRIBUTION TEAM: We are the only local magazine company who deliver every single copy of our magazines ourselves. We do not use outside companies as it is important to us that we know where every copy goes. This means we can guarantee that every single copy of our magazines will be working hard to get you a response.

COST & VALUE FOR MONEY: With adverts starting from as little as £24 +VAT, and a combined reach of over 35,000 local homes across our portfolio of magazines, North East Directories are affordable for all businesses, and provide the best value for money of any local advertising platform.

LONGEVITY OF MAGAZINES: Our Directories have a proven long shelf life. The Directories have a fantastic range of local businesses included, plus the odd puzzle, meaning they are read and retained by local residents, giving your advert an unrivalled shelf life.

RESULTS: We have many customers who have advertised with us for years and who use our whole portfolio of magazines. In fact over 70% of our advertisers have been using us since the launch editions. This shows that our Directories gets customers a good response, and that they work for local businesses!

Advertising Costs

Prices for a single advert are as follows:
Quarter Page Advert Size

Quarter Page

148mm x 210mm



Half Page Advert Size

Half Page

138mm x 95mm



Full Page Advert Size

Full Page

148mm x 210mm



Repetition is the key to successful advertising!

Therefore, we offer discounts for booking 3, 6, 12 or 24 adverts with us.

If you do book a series of adverts you do not pay in one go. We offer a bi-monthly or a monthly payment scheme in order to help your cash flow.

Click here for rate card prices including discounts. If you wish to advertise in multiple magazines please contact us and we will give you a bespoke quote.

If you require your advert to be designed, we can do that for you free of charge. We only need you to provide words and your logo if you have one and we’ll do the rest.

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