North East Directories are A5, full colour, local booklets, delivered free of charge to a combined total of 12,500 homes in Blyth, Shiremoor, Cramlington and Seaton Valley every month. The Directories give local residents a handy sized guide to a range of local businesses in and around the area.

We target a wide range of homes in the local area, with our distribution being carefully selected to provide a good mix of estates. We have used our ten years of local advertising knowledge to map out what we believe are the key estates in these areas.

The areas we have chosen are perfect for a publication like this. Most of the estates are brand new homes, so residents will not be aware of the local businesses and services in that area. The established estates do not currently recieve any other free magazine or the local newspaper, so we are the only printed publication that they receive!


We deliver to homes with good levels of disposable income and aren’t on social media.


Distributed by our own in-house team, so we know exactly where every copy goes.


The most cost effective print media platform in the local area.


Delivered every month to 1000's of homes for FREE.

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